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Megafruk Logistics Ltd. was established in 2018дина, continuing the activities of commercial and transport company Megafract Ltd. and forwarding company "Eurotrans" Ltd. Through appropriate logistics solutions, due to the specifics of the loads and vinаги fulfilling the deliveries on time, we are proving ourselves to be a fair commercial and transport partner. As a prerequisite for the excellent quality of service we offer are the new refrigerated compositions at our disposal, and of course our qualifiedели.

Following theети steps:

- Labour

- Perseverance

- -Ambition

- Positivism

Our mainели are maintaining the excellent quality of the services we offer through periodic renewal of the fleet and equipment of the cars, additional qualification of our serviceели and compliance with the requirements of the Bulgarian and international transport legislation.

Your cargo cares about us!

General Manager: Ivaylo Dimitrov

Transport and Logistics Manager: Emil Denkov